Carl Addison Swanson

Carl Addison Swanson is the best selling and award winning author of 42 books including the most popular Hush McCormick series, four Tug Christian thrillers, the Justin Carmichael quadriolgy and 3 published books of short stories.  Two of the Hush books, Fat People Are Harder to Kidnap and Pig in a Poke have been optioned to the motion picture industry and Double Parked in the Twilight Zone:  Summer of 1960 was named as one of the top books of 2012 by USA TODAY.  A complete listing of his books and titles can be viewed at this website, his author page on Facebook and updates followed at @Swanson_addison on Twitter.  After decades living in Texas, Swanson has returned to his hometown of Westport, Connecticut to write and live.  


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