With votes still being counted, it seems that DEMOCRATS received nearly 2 MILLION MORE votes than REPUBLICANS on November 8th. WTF? Not only did that outcome determine the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives but also Governors and State Legislatures holding a Republican MAJORITY. WTF? "This is the largest disconnect between the majority rules and majority power that we have seen ever," says Jon Stewart.

HBO REAL SPORTS with an expose on the 17 deaths last year from brain injuries in high school and youth football. 17!!! While the NFL and USA football leagues try to downplay the issue, many under 18 year kids hit, in practice, some 90 minutes five days a week. DARTMOUTH has banned tackling in practice and uses dummies (photo) and the Mayor of Sommerville MA just banned youth football for kids not yet in high school. WTF?

So WTF? is this all about? Article II, Section 1, Clause 2&4 of our mighty Constitution mandates "electors" from each state be selected to determine what the common folks just voted for? WTF? Currently there are 538 electors who will meet on December 19th to vote for our next PRESIDENT & Vice-President. 157 "FAITHLESS" electors, in our history, have said FUCK YOU to the general electorate and voted their consciences or been bribed? So keep the faith?

While Thoreau said "high fences make the best neighbors," I am not so sure. The USA shares 1,989 miles of LAND border with Mexico. We share 5,525 miles of border with Canada, where some of the 911 murderers entered. I have spoken with Homeland Security border guards: "You build a wall, they will find a way around, under or over it." Precise laws, consistent enforcement and employer compliance is a prerequisite to undocumented workers coming here. WTF? 

The newly appointed "Senior Counselor" to President-elect TRUMP will be 63 years old next week, the product of a middle class Catholic family from VA. He is well-educated with degrees from VA TECH, GEORGETOWN and HARVARD (MBA), served as an officer in the Navy, media liaison for GOLDMAN SACHS, and recently CEO of BREIBART NEWS, "an ALT-RIGHT" internet news service. In 2014, he was quoted as saying: "I am a Lennist (sic). I want to bring everything crushing down and destroy all of today's establishment." WTF?

Jammie's best seller has gone to KINDLE to enhance its readership. Find it on amazon.com NOW. "An inspirational read of endurance, self-discipline and love by a very entertainer narrator." Hartford Courant.

In a highly volatile election, many are considering STEIN or JOHNSON as alternatives. Neither candidate will WIN but advocates believe if they get 5% of the vote, they will be on the ballot(s) in 2020 and get federal funding. Hold on! Each STATE determines who is on the ballot regardless of previous performance and the 5% is the ratio of a 3rd parties' vote as compared to the average popular vote of the 2 party candidates in 2016 to receive federal funding in 2020. Thus, a low turnout favors 3rd party candidates (and Trump). WTF?

With the decline of newspapers, comes the freebie local "rag" being thrown on every driveway in the small town of which I live. I also experienced this in suburban Houston where one distraught resident collected a year's worth and dumped them on the publisher's lawn? But since when does the FIRST AMENDMENT include littering? WTF?

Now that the curse of the CUBBIES has been eradicated, BILL SIMMONS of HBO points out the remaining four: (1) In 1958, when QB Bobby Layne was traded from the LIONS to PITTSBURGH, he vowed the Lions would never win a championship for another "fifty years." (2) In 1970, the VIKINGS won the THORTON CUP, only to lose the actual trophy and have been 0-4 in Super Bowls since; (3) In 1993, the MONTREAL CANADIANS were caught using a "slanted hockey stick" and since then, NO Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup; (4) In 1975, NOTRE DAME carried "RUDY" off the field with the movie adaption, in 1993, claiming nobody had since been lugged of, only to do so two years after the movie release and haven't won a title since. WTF?

Amazing game to end the CUBBIE'S 108 year drought. CONGRATS! But considering the average ticket was $1,800 to game 7 (with some paying 10K for tickets behind the dugouts) and 80% of the tickets going to out of state fans, WTF? And how many young kiddos stayed up to 1:00 a.m. to watch the game? One must wonder where the MLB's true loyalty lies?

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